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Nature's Path

Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch Cereal, 11.5 oz Box

Pack of 12

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This special cereal was crafted with whole wheat and flax flakes, toasted granola clusters, buttery pecans, and real, organic maple syrup. It packs... This special cereal was crafted with whole wheat and flax flakes, toasted granola clusters, buttery pecans, and real, organic maple syrup. It packs lots of crunch and a nutritional punch: 25g whole grains, 7g of plant protein, 5g of fiber, omega-3 essential fatty acids, all in a deliciously hearty bowl. We believe it’s important to start the day right, and that’s why we created cereals filled with simple, whole food and organic ingredients.

Reasons to love it

  • Certified organic, non-GMO, and vegan
  • Uniquely crafted to preserve the crunch you love
  • Source of omega-3s and whole grains
  • Contains plant-based protein

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Benefits & Certifications

  • ku
  • nongmo
  • usdao
  • vegus
  • vus

Organic Ingredients

  • Maple Syrup

    Maple syrup is a delicious reminder of why we're proud to be a Canadian company. We use this liquid gold for some extra sweetness.

  • Pecans

    Rich, buttery, and surprisingly sweet in taste, pecans offer the perfect amount of crunch.

  • Whole Wheat

    With the germ and bran still intact, whole wheat tends to be rich in B vitamins and other nutrients.

  • Gluten Free Oats

    Oats are a fiber and nutrient-rich grain that are often rolled into the common, flat flake. They can also be cut into "steel cut" or rolled and cut for "quick cook" oats.

What's Inside

Whole wheat meal*, cane sugar*, wheat bran*, whole grain rolled oats*, pecans*, flax meal*, soy oil*, brown rice flour*, oat bran*, barley malt extract*, sea salt, maple syrup*, coconut*, flax seeds*, rice starch*, maple flavor*, tocopherols (vitamin e), molasses*, cinnamon*. *Organic.

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  • Nourishing Communities

    We have an annual goal to donate at least 2 million dollars in food to food banks, partners, charities and other causes. In addition, every time you purchase one of our EnviroKidz products, a portion of the sales is donated to support endangered species, habitat conservation and environmental education for kids worldwide. We’ve raised over $3 million for our partner organizations to date.

    Our Give Back
  • Sustainability

    Beyond organic, we have big environmental sustainability goals. All of our production facilities are now zero waste, we’re always improving our energy and water conservation.

    Our Commitment
  • Family Owned

    Arran and Ratana founded Nature’s Path in 1985, but the idea was planted much earlier - as far back as the 1930s. Not only have we been organic since the beginning, we were pioneers of the organic movement and will continue to be strong stewards of the land.

    Our History


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