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Santa’s Toaster Pastry House

Santa’s Toaster Pastry House
  • Prep Time: 5 Minutes
  • Serving Size: 8 servings

This year, why not make this classic holiday recipe-turned-craft with toaster pastries? Stick together with icing, melted sugar, or chocolate and use fruit, nuts, and coconut for decoration. Let your imagination go wild.



  1. Cut 2 toaster pastries into 3x3-inch squares to make the front and back of Santa’s house, cut excess into a front door and 2 windows.
  2. Scrape melted chocolate into a re-sealable plastic bag; snip corner.
  3. Warm in microwave for a few seconds to melt as needed.
  4. Using the melted chocolate as a glue, join 2 whole pastries with 2 (3x3-inch) cut pieces to form the 4 sides of Santa’s
  5. house.
  6. Let chocolate set completely.
  7. Pipe melted chocolate along the top edges of the 2 long sides of house.
  8. Shape 2 pastries on top of house to form the roof, gluing with white chocolate to hold together as needed.
  9. Let chocolate set completely.
  10. Cut 2 (2 3/4x2 3/4x3-inch) triangles from 2 more pastries to make the front and back gables, cut excess into cobblestones.
  11. Pipe melted chocolate on top edges of front and back sides of house as well as exposed edges of roof.
  12. Affix gables to front and back of house. Let chocolate set completely.
  13. Add front door and windows to sides of house using more melted white chocolate.
  14. Arrange cobblestones on front steps of house.
  15. Decorate Santa’s house as desired with dried fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut chips and popcorn.

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