11 of the Best Food & Sustainability Documentaries

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Nothing’s better than a warm cup of tea and good movie on a rainy day. At Nature’s Path we like to take that time to broaden our horizons on the topics we love most: sustainable living and organic food! We’ve put together our top movie picks to help guide you on your path to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Forks Over Knives

Let this film be the nudge you need to completely transition to the whole foods, plant-based diet you’ve always strived for. Whether for personal health, ethical, or environmental reasons, eating a plant-based diet is one the most powerful lifestyle changes you can make to transform the world we live in to a healthier place.

2. The True Cost of Food

Do you ever wonder where your food comes from or what goes into its production? Well The True Cost of Food does an excellent job of answering that exact question with a quick, 15 minute animation packed with information. Find out more than just what the label tells you about your food. Watch it here. 3. Food Inc. As possibly the most well-known food and climate documentary out there, this film is a true eye opener and a must see. Food Inc. provides insight as to how large scale industrial agriculture has become too much of a ‘typical’ farming method with extreme costs to both people and the environment. Let this film unveil the hidden costs associated with the vast majority of foods found in a contemporary diet.

4. Gardens of Destiny

Learn about the extremely passionate and dedicated folks of Saltspring Island on the west coast of British Columbia who run a thriving seed saving sanctuary. Find out more about the basics of seed saving, the importance of genetic plant diversity, and the benefits and fundamentals of organic gardening. Watch the trailer here.

5. Dirt! The Movie

In order for humans and all other animals to live on earth, our biosphere must be healthy; otherwise known as clean air and fresh water. Healthy, nutritious dirt is vital maintaining a livable biosphere, the layer of the atmosphere in which humans live. Dirt! The Movie demonstrates the beauty and complexity of something that is so vital, yet far too many of us know nothing about in an age.

6. Hidden Dangers in Kids’ Meals: Genetically Engineered Foods

Learn more about GMOs and the lack of federal regulations around them. Often the hidden dangers of GMO’s are unknown because they have not been properly tested, while the known dangers can either be ignored or written off using skillfully manipulated scientific evidence. Children and their quickly developing bodies are specifically vulnerable to the threat of GMOs, this film demonstrates why. Watch part one here. Watch part two here. Watch part three here.

7. The World According To Monsanto

This film takes a deeper look into the business practices and marketing techniques of the massive chemical company Monsanto. It analyzes documents, interviews officials, and reviews court cases only to reveal the alarming truth about a company that many of us are likely to have somehow been influenced by. Humans are not Round-Up Ready.

8. Deconstructing Supper

Follow restaurant owner, John Bishop as he sets out to get a better understanding of the food we eat and how it interacts with our bodies. John receives questions on a nightly basis about the food he serves and is determined to be able to answer every customer question with confidence.

9. The Future of Food

This film takes a look at how owning plant genes through the patent system has drastically influenced the way large corporations, specifically agricultural corporations, look at food production. It’s not about growing food, it’s about producing a patented product for mass consumption regardless of consequences to public and environmental health.

10. Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai'i

Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare – Learn about how chemical fertilizers are being tested in Hawai’i and how it is not only destroying the soil, but destroying the healthy lifestyles of Hawai’ian people. Watch it here.


Like any good Dad, Jeremy Siefert set out to encourage his son’s curiosity - and to be informed about what he was feeding his family. It led to a journey of discovery taking him (and sometimes his kids) from their kitchen table to Monsanto’s doorstep. Bonus Documentary: Monsanto: The Company that Owns the World’s Food Supply This is a brief summation of the GMO superpower that is Monsanto and how GMOs became so common so quickly.

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