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Fruit & Granola Bar Kebabs

Fruit & Granola Bar Kebabs
  • Serving Size: 8-10 kebabs

Perfect for a kids party or picnic – an irresistible healthy snack full of fruit and whole grains.


  • 4 - 5 varieties of colourful fruits of your choice!
  • 1 box Peanut Free EnviroKidz Granola bars
  • Kabob skewers or popsicle sticks (for mini kabobs)
  • Star or heart-shaped cookie cutter (optional for fun shapes!)


  1. Wash and slice fruit into bite-size chunks (large enough to withstand a skewer poked through the center).
  2. Use the cookie cutter for the fruit shape at the top of the kabob.
  3. Once the fruit is ready, cut up the EnviroKidz granola bars (about 3 squares each) and begin layering the kabobs.
Serve immediately.

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EnviroKidz is a brand born out of love for animals and our kids. As part of the Nature’s Path family, EnviroKidz is committed to nourishing families with delicious, organic foods. Kids and parents alike love the taste of EnviroKidz products and learning about the endangered animals they help to protect.

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