The results are in: Discover the latest organic oat breeding research from OSC III

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Science is at the root of organic agriculture. The more we understand about soil health, ecological cycles, wildlife, water systems, weather, and how these factors interact, the more we can improve sustainable farming practices that benefit us and the environment.


For us, organic isn’t just about what ends up on your bowl or plate – we’re committed to improving every stage of the organic journey, from seed to harvest, from raw material to to final retail product.


That’s why we’re proud to celebrate an innovative partnership with the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada to invest $200,000 toward key organic research performed by the Organic Science Cluster over the last 5 years (2018-2023) to further the organic sector.


What’s even more exciting? The results of the latest research conducted within Organic Science Cluster III have officially been released! Read on to learn more about this incredible project and find out about our contributions to the OSC III Organic Oat Breeding Research.



What are the Organic Science Clusters?

The Organic Science Clusters (OSC) are a series of collaborative research and development projects conducted by Dalhousie University’s Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, in partnership with the Organic Federation of Canada.


The first OSC took place from 2009-2013 and OSC II spanned 2013-2018. OSC III is the third and latest endeavour; spanning from 2018-2023.


All OSC projects include a series of comprehensive studies that focus on different aspects of organic agriculture – OSC III consisted of 27 research activities that investigated five organic themes with the ultimate goal of “connecting environmental sustainability with the science of organic production:” field crops, horticulture, pest management, livestock, and environment.



How is Nature’s Path involved in the OSC studies?

The OSC studies are funded by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, alongside partners from the organic agricultural community – including Nature’s Path!


Between April 2018 and March 2023, we invested $200,000 into the OSC’s organic research projects. Our funding was dedicated specifically to Activity 5 – Organic Oat Breeding to respond to a key ask from the organic oat grower community – the development of oat varieties bred for the unique systems and needs of their region.


The OSC’s Organic Oat Breeding research looked at the productivity and adaptability of organic oat breeding to increase the competitiveness of the organic sector and the resiliency of organic oat agriculture to climate extremes.


We’re so excited to share that OSC III’s researchers generated a promising start for organic production, including several oat varieties that show high levels of disease resistance, improved performance, and good milling and nutritional quality.


It’s time to put on your lab coat! Read the full Activity 5 – Organic Oat Breeding project and learn more about how, thanks to your support, we’re able to support critical research and innovation that will lead to more sustainable farming and organic production that is good for us, and for the planet.

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