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Our purpose has always been to leave the earth better than we found it, and we're proud to look back at 2023 and see all the amazing ways you've helped us create positive change for the community and the planet. 


From donations that have put healthy food on the table to advocacy that is propelling the organic movement forward, your support has shaped this year into a success, packed with remarkable stories and giveback milestones. 


Let's reflect on the things we can accomplish when we come together and strive for good. 


Giving back 


We understand that the foundation of good food lies in taking care of both people and the planet. That's why we are consistently exploring avenues to give back, support communities, and champion sustainability. 


  • Your organic choices have collectively contributed to $41 million CAD for food banks between 2010 and 2023. 
  • In 2023, our head office team members increased total volunteer hours from 247 to 347, actively dedicating their time to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Additionally, we contributed 10,000 cases of products at a special discount, resulting in a donation impact of $450,000 CAD in 2023.  
  • With every Love Crunch product sold, we make a meaningful impact by donating cash and organic products to food banks across North America through our Bite4Bite program. 




Spreading the love: Love Crunch and It Gets Better 


This year, we launched an exciting new partnership with the It Gets Better project, a non-profit organization that works to uplift, empower, and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe. 


Love Crunch has always been about celebrating individuality, encouraging connections, and feeling confident about being yourself. Thanks to your love of Love Crunch, we contributed $15,000 in cash and product donations to support It Gets Better programs that help millions of young people access community support and educational resources. 





EnviroKidz: Protecting animals, right from the breakfast table 


There are so many reasons to choose EnviroKidz breakfast cereals. Kids love them because they're delicious. Parents love them because they're nutritious. And animals around the world love them because, for every box of EnviroKidz cereal purchased, we donate to support endangered species and habitat conservation. 


This year, your healthy choices have helped us achieve a milestone of $5 million in donations to our amazing partner organizations. We founded the EnviroKidz brand in 2000, with the dual purpose of making healthier organic breakfast cereals for kids and supporting endangered and vulnerable animals.  


Your support has allowed us to provide education and direct donations to not-for-profit organizations involved in conservation efforts for these species at risk. We're so proud to achieve this milestone together! 




Advocacy and partnerships 


When you invite Nature's Path family of products into your home, your choice is impacting more than just your pantry selection. As a multigenerational family-run business, we were pioneers of the organic movement and continue to be strong stewards of the land and advocates for the organic industry. 


This year, we've continued to dedicate funding and support to a variety of important organizations that are driving the organic movement forward across North America through the following partnerships: 


Canadian Organic Growers (COG) 


Investing $100,000 CAD annually in a one-of-a-kind Regenerative Organic Oats (ROO) project, which: 


  • Canadian Organic Growers (COG) promotes the adoption of regenerative organic farming 
  • Equips growers with data, resources, and education to drive towards innovative, climate-smart practices 
  • Builds communities where organic farmers can connect, share, and thrive 


Our Annual Matching Campaign: Organic Farming Research Foundation 


Thanks to your support with our annual giveback campaign to raise OFRF funding, we're on track to meet our 2023 donation goal of $15,000! Your donations equip them with the resources they need to promote organic research, education, and advocacy that leads to real change for our food systems, our health, and our planet. 


Canada Organic Trade Association & the Canadian Organic Action Plan 


The Canadian Organic Trade Association (COTA) is a fellow long-time organic champion. A highlight of our partnership this year was supporting the 2023 COTA Organic Summit and Parliament Day. This two-day event was all about planting the seeds for the organic industry's future. 


Organic leaders and policymakers from across the globe came together for panels, talks, and strategy sessions to discuss ways we can work together to implement more sustainable practices across agriculture, industry, and regulation. Thanks to your support, we're able to step up as leaders and contribute to these crucial days of collaboration, which lead to positive change for people and the planet. 


Advocating at Capitol Hill with U.S. National Organic Coalition 


Our work with the National Organic Coalition (NOC) has led to many amazing achievements for the US Organic Sector this year. This includes exciting advancements to protect the integrity of organic food systems through policy and regulatory progress across various USDA organic rules and government initiatives. 


By funding the hardworking teams who advocate for these changes, we're cementing the building blocks of a more sustainable and climate-friendly future that puts organic first – and it wouldn't be possible without your support. 




Commitment to Sustainability 


Prioritizing positive choices for the planet is at the core of our mission, influencing everything from how we cultivate and manufacture our products to the organizations we choose to champion. This year, we reached remarkable milestones in our dedication to a more sustainable future —from fundraising during Climate Week to attaining our 6th year of zero waste certification, our commitment to being a triple bottom line company is what propels us forward each day. 


Climate Week 2023 


During Climate Week in September 2023, our focus shifted to supporting the climate youth movement. With your help, we raised over $8,970 for, a grassroots organization comprised of ordinary individuals achieving extraordinary things for our planet. This funding will directly aid young climate activists in North America. 



Six Years of Zero Waste 


Our manufacturing facilities have now maintained Zero Waste Certification for six years straight. This means that we compost, reuse, donate, or recycle at least 90% of our waste. 


In our packaging, we're working towards our goals for all our packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. We also work with our suppliers to ensure that all our packaging meets strict environmental and social standards, from the cardboard we use to the ink that's printed on it. 


Thank you for choosing Nature's Path and contributing to the amazing, continued accomplishments that have defined 2023. We can't wait to see what 2024 brings! 

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