7 Haunting Halloween Recipes for Kids

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Every Halloween party needs some petrifying pumpkins, creatively cool costumes and sweet treats in tiny packaging. But like every great gathering, there needs to be delicious food to bring everyone together. Impress your young guests with these spooky Halloween treats.

1. Witch's Brew Green Smoothie

Witch's Brew

This chilling potion is actually a nutritious green smoothie that your kids will love! It not only makes for a yummy breakfast or snack, but will be a great beverage addition to your child's Halloween party.

2. Gluten Free Monster Globs

Monster Globs

These ghoulish globs are made with Gorilla Munch Cereal and white chocolate. Feel free to substitute your favorite EnviroKidz cereal into the mix!

3. Jack-o-Lantern Breakfast Bowls


Combine the spirit of Halloween with fresh fruit and yogurt in these cute Jack-o-Lantern orange bowls. Great for breakfast or as a DIY classroom party treat.

4. Vegan Marshmallow Squares

Koala Crisp Marshmallow Squares

These vegan marshmallow squares are both easy and delicious. Try them with pumpkin flavored marshmallows for a seasonal twist.

5. BOO-Nana Pops


These ghostly boo-nanas are easy to make, and you can give each one a different expression!

6. Wolverine Claws

Wolverine Claws

These creative claws are full of healthy ingredients.

7. Monster Mouths

Apples and nut butter are a staple snack for many kids. Make it scary by adding some EnviroKidz cereal in between.

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