Why Aren't Our Organic Cereal Bags Completely Filled? (& Other FAQs)

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Every day we get inquiries through social media and consumer services from curious customers. We've noticed some recurring questions, and wanted to address them below!
1. Is Nature's Path still an independent, family-owned company?
Yes! We've been fiercely independent for over 30 years, with no plans to sell. Our passion is for organic food and farming - it allows us to always leave the earth better than found it. Here's what our Founder, Arran Stephens, has to say about being an independent, family-owned company: We love our independence. It gives us the freedom to do the right thing, everyday. We receive an average of one offer a week from big multinationals and venture capitalists wanting to buy Nature's Path... For several years we've been developing the next gen leaders, both our children and professionals. That's our succession plan. We want to leave this world better than we found it.
2. Why did you discontinue _________?
Our Nature’s Path customers are our bosses! What you like and continue to buy is what we continue to produce and sell. As a consumer, you're voting with your dollars. If enough of you don't enjoy a product, we listen and try to create something better!
3. Which of your products are vegan?
We have organic vegan products in almost every category! View the full list on our Shop page.
4. Which of your products are gluten free?
Lucky for you, many of our offerings are gluten free, including select products made with organic gluten free oats! View our full range of gluten free products on our Shop page.
5. Why aren't your cereal bags completely filled?
Each crisp and flake of our organic cereal are not only delicious, but delicate. Thus, each bag of cereal requires sufficient headspace (air) in its packaging to survive the journey from our manufacturing plant to the store (chips are another product that require this precious headspace). Rest assured that each bag is measured by weight for a consistent amount of cereal from package to package. Our plants have a machine that weighs each package, kicking off any that are underweight from the production line.

Did we miss a question that you'd like to know the answer to? Check out our FAQ page, or leave your question in the comments below!

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Nature's Path is committed to making only organic food products since 1985, and that’s something that will never change. As organic pioneers, Nature’s Path believes that every time you choose organic, you cast a vote for a better food system and a more sustainable future for us all.

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