10 Celebrities with Plant-Based Diets

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When Beyoncé tried out a vegan diet, the world took notice. Let’s be honest: when Beyoncé does anything, the world takes notice. Anyone who has millions of followers and looks good in hot pants months after birthing twins will command attention in a grander way than – er – the rest of us. Plant-based celebrities can snowball interest in vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. They might be the spark that lights the flame that becomes an environmentally and health conscious person. This person might even have the opportunity to pull hot pants out from the back of their closet to see if it might not be too late for shorts with sequins on them. I’m just sayin’.

Ariana Grande

This vocal powerhouse follows a macrobiotic vegan diet, loving daikon, lotus and adzuki beans. Grande shared this statement about her way of eating: “I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding. But I am a firm believer in eating a full plant-based, whole food diet that can expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person.”

Natalie Portman

Celebrities Portman has a self-described, “clean, vegan diet” which includes things like oatmeal or avocado toast for breakfast, vegan Mexican food for lunch and a couscous or pasta based dish for dinner. Her husband loves to cook for her and she admits she is, “very, very lucky.”

Jenna Dewan

The gorgeous World of Dance host eats only plant-based foods, claiming that she prefers to stick to a balanced diet so that she doesn’t have to restrict her eating. Her vegan vice is French fries and she believes that, “We have become so off-balance with our animal consumption. Even one meatless meal a week helps!”

Ellen DeGeneres

It isn’t surprising that the celebrity with the tagline “Be kind to one another!” is vegan. Shunning animal products since 2009, she once told Oprah, “ I felt better about myself, and I felt healthier living in a cruelty-free way. I haven't been sick since, I am not as tired, and I've lost weight.”

Jared Leto

The Hollywood actor who never ages calls himself a “cheagan” or a cheating vegan. Mostly plant-based, his exceptions include, “if someone’s mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I’d probably take a bite, or if I’m in Alaska and there’s wild salmon out of the river, I’d probably eat it.”

Mike Tyson

black boxing gloves Tyson credits veganism with helping him lose 140 pounds and getting in fighting trim shape and fighting his inner demons. His strict vegan bodybuilding diet inspires other alpha athletes to follow suit.


The Jack-ass star may be the last person you expect to adhere to a plant-based lifestyle. Now involved with the Farm Sanctuary, Steve-O has no interest in standing on a soap box, but “just tries to tell people how I have personally benefited from the vegan lifestyle.”

Betty White

This Golden Girl has been an animal lover long before it was chic. For her 93rd birthday she celebrated with a vegan cake. She has been known to do things like adopt a crocodile in honor of Elton John’s birthday. She says she could, “never imagine eating a best friend.”


The Roots Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson recently went vegan in an attempt to overhaul his health and extend his life expectancy. After switching to plant-based eating, Questlove said, “ “I want to be the first member of the hip-hop generation to live past 60.

Bruce Springsteen

Rock and Roll In his 60's, Springsteen still dives into crowds and performs three hour long sets. One of his “secrets” is assumed to be the mostly vegetarian diet which keeps him feeling vibrant and young.

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