How to Teach Kids Happiness

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Finding happiness is often a life-long pursuit for most adults. Funnily enough, our default state-of-being as children was joyous. When we become parents, we start sharing knowledge with our children on how to be successful. But we tend to speak from our current state, which has been skewed with time and experiences. If some of those experiences are negative, that is the filter in which lessons are unintentionally taught. However, we all want our kids to be happy. We can help ensure our lessons are received in a way that doesn't hinder or discourage their happiness. That may require getting a little creative and thinking outside the box. Here are a couple of ideas on how this can be achieved:

Teach through Play

It's no secret children love cartoons and other entertaining programs. These shows have an amazing way of teaching children through a medium they connect with. By using the same approach, we can teach our kids an array of lessons in a stress-free and enjoyable way. One of the most effective teaching games we use in our house is making up screenplays for 30-minute TV shows. Most TV shows have the basic elements of a problem, climax, and solution to help the main character become successful. Creating fun story lines with our son, that helps him successfully navigate troublesome situations, is both entertaining and effective. It makes the project even more enjoyable by acting out the story line together. Shot of a happy young family of three watching tv from the sofa at home

Change You To Change Them

Some parents work from the spirit of "Do As I Say, Not As I Do." They want their kids to be as happy as possible, but they live in a constant state of stress. It's important to remember that kids learn by example faster than any other way. So it's in the best interest of everyone in the family to learn how to make happiness a priority. Start taking time out to schedule self-care. Even the smallest amount of time taken to recharge yourself can make a huge difference. This way, your children will start associating happiness with success, instead of constant stress. They might be more willing to approach the steps needed for success. It shows them it can still produce positive and happy results. Man and little boy with shaving foam on their faces looking into the bathroom mirror and laughing. Father and son having fun while shaving in bathroom.

Praise Their Unconventional Talents

Certain careers such as lawyers, doctors, and executive business positions were traditionally classified as "successful" because of their societal status. Skills and experiences useful in these professions like being great at algebra, being student of the month, or president of the debate club are often celebrated. However, we also need to celebrate our kids' unconventional skills that will help them as they get older and interact in the world. Maybe your kids have an incredible ability to coordinate their outfits in a way that showcases their personality. Maybe they love to cook, or can systematically organize their toys to make clean-up more efficient. These are all skills that can be incredibly helpful to the entire family. Praising these talents will reinforce their self-confidence, making them more willing to try new things. That all leads to a joyous approach to being overall successful in their life choices. Teaching and encouraging success through happiness is not only helpful for our kids, but it's absolutely needed. Happy kids will lead to more confident and emotionally prepared adults. Success in whatever form is fit for them will surely follow with this foundation. Dad playing basketball with daughter

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