Outdoor Spring Bucket List for Families

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Spring is such a wonderful time to get outside as a family! Making a bucket list together is a really great way to bond and listen to one another, and has the added benefit of inspiring you to actually check everything off of your list. Are you looking for more outdoor activities for kids to add to your list? Here are some great ones for the spring to get you started.

1. Go for a picnic

Pick a new spot you have never been to before! Plan and pack the food together as a family for some extra bonding time.

2. Visit a local farm or orchard

Exploring local farms is a great outdoor activity for kids, and provides an opportunity to learn about the importance of supporting and eating locally grown foods.

3. Go on a hike

Make a quick scavenger hunt and bring a bag to collect some nature treasures!

4. Run in the rain

Your kids will be begging for rain after adding this to your bucket list! Get the whole family suited up and jump in the puddles.

Outdoor Spring Bucket List for Families | Nature's Path

5. Plant flowers

If you have a garden, that would be an excellent bucket list activity. If you don’t have the space for that, plant a few flowers outside, or sprinkle some wildflower seeds!

6. Have a bonfire

Make some s’mores to turn this one into an extra special treat!

7. Make an oversized lawn game

Paint a Twister game board on the grass, make a giant version of Kerplunk, or make a Tic Tac Toe board out of sticks.

8. Host a backyard Olympics

This can simply include a few relay races or some easy track and field games.

Outdoor Spring Bucket List for Families | Nature's Path

9. Go geocaching

This would be a really fun spring family adventure. Find more about how to get started with geocaching here.

10. Play mini-golf

Such a great game for a variety of skill levels and ages, making it a really fun family outing in the spring.

Spring is really the perfect time for some new adventures. Get together and make your bucket list full of outdoor activities for kids and families, and get outside!

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