We recently asked our followers on Instagram where they like to eat their Que Pasa chips. We received some great photos, and we want to share them!

Here are 9 places that people are eating our chips:

The first step to any great dinner party: a bag of Thin and Crispy Sea Salt Chips! Or the only step. You choose. Our Carnival Chips are delicious, festive, and make for the perfect beach accessory! Snack away. These may not keep you afloat on the open water, but they sure taste good! It's never too early to teach kids about the art of chips and guacamole (something we believe very strongly in!) Now THIS looks like the perfect spread - our chips pair perfectly with some homemade mango pico de gallo. The kind of picnic we'd love an invite to ... chips and salsa bring everyone together, don't they? A family day at the beach calls for some healthy snacking material! Ah, a beautiful day in the garden. What could make this more relaxing than some Red Corn Tortilla Chips and salsa Our Thin and Crispy Chips are happily accompanying the most adorable tea party we've ever seen!

Where do you enjoy eating your Que Pasa chips?

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