7 Nature's Path Products with Flax Seeds

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Our last blog post discusses the health benefits of flax seeds, including lower cholesterol and healthy weight loss. Getting enough healthy fats and fiber into your diet can be as easy as adding a tablespoon of flax seeds to your breakfast. Relative to other super seeds, flax seeds are cost-effective for the nutrition they pack. For those who prefer flax seeds incorporated into their organic food products, we've created this handy list! Here are all of our products containing a healthy dose of flax seeds:


CerealWho doesn't love a hearty bowl of cereal in the morning? Check out our variety of organic cereal options containing flax seeds below:
Flax Plus Raisin Bran Flakes
Optimum Power Blueberry Cinnamon Flax Cereal
This cereal is the long lost cousin of your favorite party chip mix. Breakfast is more fun with this combination of crunchy strands, flakes, kamut puffs, dried blueberries and flax seeds.
Flax Plus Crunch Cereal
Available in Pumpkin Raisin, Maple Pecan, and Red Berry.


Snack on (guilt-free!) with these granola options. Pair with a milk alternative, yogurt, or fresh fruit for an energizing boost at any time of the day.
Pumpkin Seed & Flax Granola
Pumpkin-Seed-Flax-GranolaOur most popular granola, each serving provides a healthful amount of flax and pumpkin seeds!
Flax Plus Vanilla Almond Granola


Blueberry Pecan Crunch OatmealWe've incorporated flax seeds into a number of our hot oatmeal options for those seeking extra health benefits in the morning. Check out our variety to choose from below:
Flax Plus Oatmeal
Organic rolled oats are married with organic flax seeds for this delightfully comforting oatmeal. Pour a sachet of Flax Plus Oatmeal into your favorite bowl, mix it with hot water and top with fruits and a dollop of nut butter for a satisfying breakfast.
Gluten Free Spiced Apple with Flax Hot Oatmeal

What's your favorite product containing flax and how do you incorporate flax seeds?

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