20 Must-Try Winter Crafts for Kids

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These winter crafts for kids use materials that can be recycled and reused in the home, or items found in nature to create beautiful and fun crafts for kids. Winter is the perfect time to try some fun and new crafts for kids. Though it is recommended to get kids playing outside in any weather (yes, even the rain!), the winter often brings a lot of downtime inside as well. Crafting with kids is a great way to build fine motor skills and dexterity, boost self-esteem, and increase creativity. So, here are 20 fun and engaging winter crafts for kids to try out. Recycled Crafts: We love to use recycled materials such as paper plates, cups, and paper rolls for crafting inside in the winter.
  1. Make a paper roll snowman. Using paper rolls in crafting is a great way to discuss the importance of recycling with kids.
  2. Recycle a paper plate and turn it into a snowflake by weaving yarn through it!
  3. Have a spare, unmatched sock? Turn it into a snowman! Bonus, add some lavender and make it a calming tool.
  4. Save the cardboard egg cartons and cut them apart to paint, making a cute little family of penguins.
  5. Online holiday shopping often comes with bubble wrap. Before tossing it, use it to paint these awesome winter trees.
  6. Have leftover tissue paper from holiday presents? Make a tissue paper snowflake.
  7. Make a tree or a wreath from lonesome puzzles pieces.
  8. Cut newspaper into shapes to create arctic animals. Try a penguin, a polar bear, or a snow owl!
  9. Paint a snowman family using pom-poms and clothespins.
Nature Crafts: Hunt for crafting materials outdoors or make crafts to decorate your outdoor space. In the winter, it can be a great incentive to get outside. 10. Make a bird feeder out of pine cones - a winter classic that birds will be so thankful for. 11. Collect some twigs and glue them into the shape of a snowflake. Use some tissue paper to decorate them for added effect. 12. Freeze found items from a nature walk into ice for beautiful ornaments you can hang outside. It's fun watching them melt and reveal the treasures. 13. Attach double-sided tape to a piece of cardboard for a journey stick to collect winter nature treasures. 14. Collect acorns and paint and glue them to create an acorn snowman family. Don't forget the acorn caps - it makes these extra adorable! 15. Sticks and stones should be relatively easy to collect outside in the winter. Bring them in and press them into clay for some festive winter ornaments. See how to make a snowman and a tree here. 16. Dry some orange peels and turn them into beads. This makes for a beautiful homemade garland to brighten up the trees outside. 17. Bring some snow inside and add colored salt to make this awesome painting with snow. 18. Make a pine cone owl or reindeer by adding a few household craft supplies to pine cones. 19. Make a salt dough nature wreath. 20. Paint outside in the snow with this simple 3-ingredient snow paint! These winter crafts for kids are so much fun for families to create together. Recycling materials or using items found in nature are wonderful ways to encourage a care and concern for Earth, all while having fun and celebrating the season. preparations for autumn craft with kids at home

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