14 Resources to Get Informed About Organic Food

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Staying informed and up to date on any topic is a simple task these days. All we need to do is tap a few buttons on a keyboard until we’re inevitably bombarded by endless means of information. At Nature’s Path, we realize that not every source is as reliable as it may seem. We’re all vulnerable to reading or watching the first thing that comes up. Explore and find resources that YOU find dependable. To alleviate your search, we did some of our own and found what we think are some of the best sources for staying acquainted with our favourite topics. So without further ado, here are 14 of our favourite resources to help you stay informed about organic food in your area.

3 Must See Ted Talks

1. Ron Finley – A Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA

Guerilla gardener, Ron Finley, describes how he took back public space in his hometown of South Central LA, one of the biggest food deserts in California, and used it to grow and provide organic food for the surrounding community. Watch the full video here

2. Marla Spivak – Why Bees are Disappearing

Bees scholar, Marla Spivak, explains why bees are vital to human life on earth and why their populations have been in drastic decline over recent years. She lets us know what we can do to help our little pollinator friends so we can all avoid what she describes as a “flowerless landscape” in a “dysfunctional food system”. Watch the full video here

3. Pam Warhurst - How we Can Eat our Landscapes

Community activist, cofounder of Incredible Edible, and true inspiration, Pam Warhurst, describes how the landscape of her small British town provides food, a stronger sense of community independence, basic gardening and vegetable education for everyone and anyone, and better overall resilience. Her community benefit society, Incredible Edible, is aimed at providing the same benefits to towns around the world. She says, “If you eat, you’re in”! Watch the full video here

6 Must Read Books

4. Edited by Andrew Kimbrell - Fatal Harvest

This detailed collection of essasys takes an unprecedented look at our current environmentally destructive industrial agricultural system and offers a captivating vision for an organic and ecologically more responsible way of producing our food.

5. Frances Moore Lappé - Diet for a Small Planet

The groundbreaking 1971 bestseller, Diet for a Small Planet, is the first major book to note the environmental impact of meat production as a wasteful contributor to global food scarcity. With levels of hunger only getting worse around the world, this book is still a very relevant resource today.

6. Michael Pollan - In Defense of Food

This New York Times bestseller outlines the far too common industrialized Western diet and its detrimental effects on our bodies and culture. Journalist and activist, Michael Pollan, encourages thoughtful food choices for personal empowerment through self-rejuvenation.

7. Michael Pollan - The Omnivore’s Dilemma

This very simple yet informative book uses the case of four basic Western meals to uncover the overlooked or unknown journey of raw food to kitchens, store shelves and restaurants. It begins with a typical McDonald’s lunch.

8. Maria Rodale - Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World, and Keep Us Safe

A deep analysis of the cost conventional, non-organic farming practices are having on both human health and the environment. This book will give you that last little nudge you needed to get you to start shopping organic.

3 Must See Websites

9. Rodale Institute

The Rodale Institute is deeply devoted to the research and outreach of organic farming practices. This website offers webinars, online courses and several other helpful resources to help educate you on the essentials of organic farming.

10. Organic Consumers

Here you’ll find resources and useful tools to learn more about consuming organics in the US. It outlines current and future projects, has an active blog page, and an events calendar for those who like to get involved and be a part of the action.

11. Canadian Organic Growers

The Canadian Organic Growers site is a fantastic resource for keeping up to date on organic standards in Canada. With a vast number of courses offered across Canada, this is the place you can go to learn everything from growing to shopping organic.

3 Must Download Apps

12. Smart Foods - Organic Diet Buddy

This app can help find organic foods near you while also letting you know which produce is best bought organic and which produce is commonly GMO.

13. Simply Organic

In addition to having hundreds of free organic recipes for all pallets, this app provides you with a simple money saving guide and a store locator for your organic foods.

14. Everything Organic

Use this app to learn more about the world of organics through blog posts and Organic Living Organic 101 articles. You can also use it to locate farmers markets near you!

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