What Our 1% Donations Contributed to Last Year

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EnviroKidz is a proud member of 1% for the Planet, which empowers businesses, consumers, and nonprofits to drive big, positive change. Every time you purchase one of our tasty products, 1% of the sales are donated to support endangered species, habitat restoration, and environmental education for kids worldwide. To date, we've raised over $3 million to help our partners with their education and conservation efforts! Listed below are the organizations we supported in 2016 through 1% for the Planet. To show you just how proud we are of these organizations, we've compiled some of their greatest accomplishments EnviroKidz helped them achieve last year. 1. The Jane Goodall Institute Region: Congo The Jane Goodall Institute created the concept for a children's television show aimed to build environmental awareness in Congo. The television show, named Super Kodo, filmed 3 episodes in 2016. All 9 Super Kodo child actors were supported in completing their school year, as well as advancing in their education. The show was incredibly well-received by an audience of over 1 million people in Congo, and these episodes have since been shared with Cameroon, Guinea, Gabon, and other Francophone countries. 2. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International Region: Rwanda The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International had an amazing year! They taught conservation courses in 15 Rwandan primary schools, which reached 5,661 students. They also conducted 12 teacher training workshops about habitat conservation and gorilla preservation. The organization led 135 students into guided nature walks in Volcanoes National Park, and they organized 12 movie screenings to raise awareness on the importance of gorillas and their habitat. These movie screenings reached over 4,000 people in Rwanda! 3. Lemur Conservation Foundation Region: Madagascar According to journal Science, lemurs are now the most threatened mammal group on Earth. The Lemur Conservation Foundation taught lemur conservation courses in 4 primary schools, reaching 181 students in Madagascar. They planted 3,229 trees in the Befingotra village in partnership with local primary schools, and they installed over 200 park boundary signs in the Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve to ensure that the lemurs' habitats are protected. The foundation also supported the World Lemur Festival (which occurs every October), and reached over 2,000 people through conservation education programs in the area. 4. Australian Koala Foundation Region: Australia The Australian Koala Foundation, or AKF, hosted the 2016 EnviroKidz EnviroTrip, where two families won the chance to travel to Australia! There they learned about AKF's conservation efforts and experienced Australian culture and heritage. AKF also conducted a research project to determine the risk and impacts of future climate change on the land and the koalas in four habitat regions in Australia (Gympie, Narrandera, Tweed Heads and Gunnedah). 5. The Amazon Conservation Team Region: Suriname The Amazon Conservation Team partnered with two schools and the University of Amazonia, training over 30 students as ecological monitors in the area. They developed a participatory research program and trained 8 students as local researchers. The Amazon Conservation Team also facilitated workshops, monitoring expeditions, and sampling activities to raise awareness among the children about their community's natural resources. 6. African Wildlife Foundation Region: Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zambia The African Wildlife Foundation supported 4 primary schools that collectively serve about 1,300 rural students in Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Zambia. They provided an education for rural communities living near critical ecosystems in Africa that have made significat conservation commitments. The foundation also supported anti-poaching projects and conservation activities in Bili Uele, the largest protected area in Congo. To learn more about our work with the African Wildlife Foundation, check out their guest blog post! 7. Wild Earth Allies Region: Cambodia Wild Earth Allies are raising awareness on the conservation of endangered species in a number of regions. In 2016, they assessed the Asian elephant population by setting 20 camera traps at hotspots in Prey Lang Forest, Cambodia. They also raised awareness and involved the local community in elephant conservation through community meetings, workshops, and posters. 8. Defenders of Wildlife Region: Wyoming and South Dakota (USA) Defenders of Wildlife provided one full merit-based scholarship to a student from the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP) for three years, to work on relevant and cutting edge polar bear research. They assisted 6 local land owners with new fencing projects to protect wild bison in the Yellowstone area. Defenders of Wildlife also supported the construction of wildlife-friendly fencing to protect a herd of 1,000 wild bison in the Badlands National Park.

Together we're saving animals, one breakfast at a time! To learn more about EnviroKidz and 1% for the Planet, click here.

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