Top 5 Tips on How to Create an Aesthetic Garden

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A beautiful garden is a piece of living art. Do you want to know how to create an aesthetic garden? It will take careful planning and work, but it's worth it. Keep reading for five must-know tips on designing a stunning garden.

Plan before you plant

Going to the plant shop shouldn't be your first step when creating an aesthetic garden. Instead, get some paper, a pencil, and a measuring tape. Planning your garden ahead of time will help your gardening journey be smoother and more successful. Follow these steps to prepare before you plant:


  1. Map: Sketch the area you want to transform into an aesthetic garden. Take measurements and draw a rough map to scale. Include features like existing trees and structures.
  2. Research: What plants grow best in your climate and soil? Which ones will survive best with the sun and shade in your garden? Which plants thrive with others? What's available at your local plant shop?
  3. Select: It's finally time to choose which plants to include in your garden. Read on for tips on selecting foliage.
  4. Plan: Map out where you want to place your plants. It may help to stake out different areas of your garden to get a feel for what it will be like.
  5. Plant: Go out and buy your plants. Now's the time to manifest your aesthetic garden planning. Depending on the size of your garden, planting can take days, so take your time and plan accordingly.

Diversify heights, textures, and colors

A vibrant and visually appealing garden has a variety of plant life. Tasteful diversity of heights, textures, and colors makes a garden stand out.


According to the size of your garden space, choose at least one short, medium, and tall plant. Texture variation happens naturally in plant life. When planning your garden, look for varying vines, fruits, flowers, and leaves of different sizes and shapes. Lastly, seek out plants with varying hues to make your garden pop. Did you know the human eye can perceive green better than any other color? More shades of green in a garden naturally look more beautiful than a single tone.

Aesthetic pro tip!

Odd numbers are more visually attractive. Our human brains naturally group things in threes. Keep this in mind as you plan your garden to curate a calming and pleasing space.

Plant flowers for pops of color and beauty

Speaking of making your garden pop - a key feature of an aesthetic garden is florals. Flowers allow you to showcase your personality and style in your garden. Less can be more when it comes to flowers, so choose one or a few you love and disperse them. Consider different seasons of blooming and plant accordingly.

Incorporate edible plants

Berry bushes, fruit trees, or vegetable patches are the best way to enjoy the fruits of your labor (literally). Edible plants can be aesthetically pleasing and make your garden more functional. Research which fruits and vegetables grow best in your area, then plan how to incorporate them into your garden.

Gardening pro tip!

Remember to protect your edible plants from pests. Consider wildlife barriers in your garden's design. 

Use native plants

You can support your local ecosystem right in your backyard. The aesthetic and logistic benefits of native plants are plenty:


  1. They blend in with the natural environment, seamlessly transitioning from nature to garden.
  2. They thrive in your climate and soil.
  3. They are often easy and cheap to find at local shops.

Talk with your local botanist and research online to learn about your native plant life.


One day, after following these tips, you'll look out at your garden and feel a sense of pride and serenity. With planning and intentional plant choices, anyone can create the aesthetic garden of their dreams!


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