The Ultimate Guide to Chia Seed Pudding [Recipes Included!]

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When most people think of chia seeds, it’s because of those magical plant creatures we grew up with on our windowsill. Little did we know, chia seeds host some pretty amazing health benefits and can easily be incorporated into your daily diet.

What Are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds contain five times more calcium then a glass of milk, omega-3 fatty acids, soluble fibre and protein. Great for vegans, but also for anyone looking to incorporate more nutrients into their meals. These wonderful little seeds are a surprisingly simple substitute or additive in cooking as they begin to swell when they come in contact with liquid, forming a gelatinous-like texture without imparting any flavour. One of my favourite ways to include these highly nutritious seeds into meals is by making chia seed pudding. It’s an easy and convenient way to get major health benefits while maximizing flavour for your breakfast or on-the-go snack.

Preparing Chia Seeds

Since chia seeds have no flavour, they work as the perfect base to help you get creative in the kitchen. Incorporate different spices or seasonings to maximize the taste of this delicious, healthy pudding! Chia seed pudding has become one of the easiest, most portable and convenient snacks in the health food market recently, the best part being that you can make it ahead of time. Here are some of my favourite combinations. Ingredients can easily be substituted (prefer walnuts over almonds?) or omitted (can’t stand the taste of nutmeg!) if you prefer. Click the photos below for recipes.

1. Basic Chia Pudding

Basic Chia Pudding

2. Tropical Chia Pudding

3. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

4. Pumped Up Chia Muesli

Looking for more recipes? Check out some below:

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