Love at First Bite: The Love Crunch Story

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When Arjan and Rimjhim (part of our "Founding Family") began planning their wedding, they felt grateful for the abundance of love in their lives. They connected as a couple through their volunteer efforts, and they wanted their guests to experience the joy of giving, too! So, in lieu of traditional wedding presents, they asked guests to take part in a volunteer community activity that interested them. They dubbed this experiment “The Experience Giving Project.” The projects carried out in the couple's name ranged from animal adoption, garden reconstruction, weekly yoga class instruction, and childcare classes for the mentally disabled. The great deeds took place across the globe. One notable project took flight in Franconia, Germany, where two of their friends decided to brighten a cold day by purchasing and handing out 500 tulips wrapped with a quote from their wedding card. It read, "Love turns life into a blooming paradise" - Sant Rajinder Singh Ji. As the tulips were distributed, their friends explained the Experience Giving Project and shared the thought of how Arjan and Rimjhim wanted to spread love as their wedding present. Friends let the couple know how many people were moved, and how some even shed a few tears of happiness. To know that through their friends they were able to spread their message of love to hundreds of people in another country is a memory Arjan and Rimjhim will always cherish. While their guests were busy thinking of Experience Giving Projects to do, Arjan and Rimjhim were thinking of ways to thank them for taking part in this dream. Since they're both avid cereal fans, they started getting excited at the prospect of designing their ultimate decadent granola by combining their favorite sweet and tart flavors together (much like marriage!). Arjan & Rimjhim making Love Crunch granola This is how Love Crunch was born. It became a chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, and coconut-filled hit! Months after the wedding, Arjan and Rimjhim still received calls about how delicious it was and many requests for more. One of their friends even managed to finish off five boxes in one week! Because this granola was such a success, the couple decided to share it with the world, launching our original Love Crunch Granola (Dark Chocolate & Red Berries). Since its inception we've launched many more flavors (like Macaroon and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter), and we've even said hello to Love Crunch Bars and Love Crunch Cereal! Keeping with the tradition of giving, Nature’s Path developed the Bite4Bite program. For every box or bag purchased, we'll donate the equivalent in cash and organic food to food banks across North America, up to $1 millon a year!

Thank you all for helping spread the love, one spoonful at a time.

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