It’s All About the FOOD-ball- Inspired Ideas for Your Football Spread

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Ready for 5 snack-y ideas for the big game? Guac, dip, nachos, and cheese are football staples. We’ve veganized some of these classic party pleasers. Here are 5 lip-smacking favorites guaranteed to up your snacking game, especially when combines with our crunchy certified natural stone-ground tortilla chips.

1) Vegan 7 Layer Dip

Traditionally made with sour cream and shredded cheese, this summer dish is revamped with layers of lime crema, spicy chipotle cashew cheddar, and fresh cilantro. A plant-based dip that comes together in just 20 minutes & is sure to have you going for another scoop. Click here for the recipe. Yields: 3 Cups Prep Time: 20 min Vegan + Gluten-Free

2) Loaded Nachos with Roasted Jalapenos and Mushrooms

Our foodie friend Erin Ireland shared this loaded nachos recipe, perfect for summertime snacking. It’s easy to create and easier to share – so next time you’ve got some friends coming for a fiesta, whip up this treat in no time! Click here for the recipe. Serves: 2-4 Prep Time: 35 minutes Vegan + Gluten Free (substitute with vegan cheese as required)

3) Smoky White Bean Dip

Bring a smoke-roasted element to your gathering with this Smokey White Bean dip. With chipotle peppers, garlic and cilantro, party-goers will be hungry for more. Click here for the recipe. Yields: 3.5 cups Prep Time: 10 minutes Vegan + Gluten-Free

4) Chili Cheese Dip

Get the party started with this flavorful, totally vegan chili cheese dip. This dish makes a great appetizer in individual bowls or a sharing platter for two along with lots of tortilla chips for dipping. Click here for the recipe. Serves: 2 Prep Time: 27 minutes Vegan + Gluten-Free

5) Spicy Sesame Guacamole

Everyone loves a good guacamole. Step away from traditional Mexican flavors and spiced up your guac with toasted sesame and tangy pickled onions. Deliciously fresh with a hint of chili, this dip comes together in under 15 minutes. Click here for the recipe. Yields: 2 cups Prep Time: 15 minutes Vegan + Gluten-Free

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