6 DIY Green Cleaners for All Your Natural Cleaning Needs

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It is rare to come across the Monica Gellers of the world, but they’re out there. They get a high out of a carpet line created by the perfect vacuum session. They would happily say no to a party and say yes to organizing a closet. They make the rest of us look bad. Even if you would rather look at the Pinterest boards of tidy people than do actual tidying, cleaning still has to happen. That is, until fairies find their way into our homes to do more useful things than give money for our children’s teeth. Grab a spray bottle! For those who prefer the scent of lavender to ammonium, we have DIY green cleaners that are super easy to whip up and will keep your house ecofriendly and clean. They will even get into the nooks and crannies that you might have neglected (ahem, dishwasher).

1. Coffee Pot Cleaner

Is your coffee pot a little sluggish? That sounds like an oxymoron, but coffee pots can start slowing down. YouTube star Rachel Talbott recommends:
  • Fill the water compartment with white vinegar and running it through a cycle.
  • Afterwards flush with pure water a few times so that you don’t have vinegary coffee (which we are pretty sure will never be a thing).
  • Your coffee maker will run good as new.

2. Heavy-Duty Cleaner

You know how bathroom cleaners are often marketed with a lemon or grapefruit scent? Why not bypass the chemicals and just go with a lemon or a grapefruit? Lemons are acidic and work wonderfully on tough stains the way a magic eraser would.
  • Coat half of a lemon with coarse salt and get to work. (Or try grapefruit to scour away soap scum with a smile on your face.)
  • Rinse afterwards and enjoy the fruits of your labour (see what we did there?).

3. All Purpose Cleaner

Vinegar is an excellent cleaner but not everyone is enamoured with the scent (which fades upon evaporating, but you don’t necessarily want to wait that long).
  • Infuse vinegar with dried lavender for ten days, leaving it in a sunny spot.
  • Then combine 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water for a cleaner that will work on most surfaces and maybe even help you to sleep at night.

4. Oven Cleaner

If you have ever bought commercial oven cleaner, you probably found yourself opening a window and coughing. Those things are toxic! There is an easier (and greener) way. It requires baking soda and vinegar. (The two classics of science fairs are trendy again!). Here’s how you do it:
  • Remove the grates and anything excess in your oven (like a thermometre).
  • Make a baking soda paste with baking soda and a little water (like a lumpy icing).
  • Rub it into the grimy places inside your oven (gloves are recommended). Let it rest overnight.
  • In the morning, wipe the oven as clean as you can. There will be some gunky areas, but that is what the vinegar is for.
  • Spray some on and watch foam form. Wipe clean. Continue until you have the shiniest oven on the block.

5. Dishwasher Cleaner

Place a small mug of vinegar on the top rack of an otherwise empty dishwasher. Run it through a hot cycle. The acid of the vinegar will help your machine to achieve a natural deep clean.

6. Bug Repellent

Humans aren’t the only ones who love the summer. Many people find ants crawling through the cracks they didn’t know existed. After you freak out, get proactive.
  • Fill a spray bottle with 10 parts water to 1 part essential peppermint oil, which will keep the bugs away.
  • Spray around doorways or windows to make it clear that you won’t welcome unexpected visitors other than your mother-in-law.
  • Mint can also be planted in the garden to discourage pests.
These surprisingly easy DIYs are not only green; they are also cost-effective. The money saved can go towards your kombucha addiction.

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