Celebrating Young Climate Crusaders

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In honour of World Children’s Day, taking place November 20th, 2020 we’re shouting out to four incredible kids who have made a positive impact on the planet—most before hitting their double digits! THE CLIMATE QUEEN Vancouver, B.C.-based teen Rebecca Hamilton is a passionate and fearless climate change activist. A key player in Metro Vancouver’s Youth #ClimateStrike Movement, she organizes events and raises awareness of climate issues through the organization Sustainabiliteens. Rebecca is especially interested in the ways public education can impact justice and sustainability values and systems. THE RECYCLING PRODIGY When Ryan Hickman was three years old he visited a recycling plant and vowed to one day do his part to help the planet. By age seven, Ryan has started collecting his neighbor’s recycling and launched Ryan’s Recycling Company. Today, the compassionate entrepreneur collects thousands of cans and bottles each year with the goal of creating healthier oceans. His efforts have even gotten him a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—not bad for someone who doesn’t have their driver’s license yet. THE PLASTIC-FREE STRAW PIONEER In April 2018, after California’s Chloe Mei Espinosa learned about the harm plastic straws cause to the environment, she decided to launch Skip the Plastic Straw. Through the website she initially inspired 128 schools in her district to #SkipThePlasticStraw and now encourages thousands of Americans to do the same. THE OCEAN AMBASSADOR Ten-year-old Alexa was just seven when she got involved with the Sea Smart School charity. Today, she’s a volunteer, a student and an ambassador for the school founded by marine biologist Dr. Elaine Leung. Alexa says, “What made me want to protect the ocean was when I learned about how important the ocean is and that it is endangered,” says Alexa. “Without oceans, we can’t survive.” She also wants other kids to know “that it doesn’t matter how young you are, you can make a difference.”

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