The Best Snacks to Fit All Dietary Needs

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The hardest part about dieting is feeling like you have to restrict yourself, either in terms of calories or in the types of food you eat. If you want to succeed, however, you need to change your mindset and find a way to make your new diet something you can stick to. Having smart, healthy snacks on hand is essential no matter what diet you follow. Unfortunately, that’s the problem – finding the perfect snack to fit your dietary needs can be tricky and you don’t want to sacrifice the progress you’ve already made simply because you don’t have any options. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a collection of the best snacks to fit all dietary needs, so take a look and give one a try for yourself! Healthy Dips Sliced veggies fit the bill for many diets, but they can get a little boring on their own. That’s where the perfect dip comes into play! Dig in to a delicious white bean hummus topped with pineapple salsa for a sweet and savory snack or try some spicy black bean dip – it’s vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free! If you’re going low-carb, roasted cauliflower dip might be more your speed or you can’t go wrong with some smoky chipotle guacamole for the keto diet. Pick the perfect dippers to match your diet and go to town! Hummus Delightfully creamy and full of flavor, hummus is the perfect snack for nearly any diet. Keep it keto with low-carb cauliflower hummus or bring back the classics with a batch of roasted garlic red lentil hummus. If you prefer bold flavors, try this chipotle hummus or this spicy roasted red pepper hummus. For low-fat dipping, stick with sliced veggies or go gluten-free with corn tortilla chips or baked veggie chips. Chip Toppers Nothing beats the salty crunch of a good tortilla chip, except the perfect topping. Keep things fresh with mango pico de gallo or chow down on some zesty pomegranate salsa crostini. If you’re looking for something sweet, try these spiced warm pear salsa bites or go for savory with kale Caesar bites. Looking to feed a crowd? Throw together some vegan 7-layer dip! Cheesy Goodness No dairy? No problem with these deliciously cheesy snack options! Dig in to some vegan chili cheese dip or, for something a little fancier, give this rosemary and pomegranate cheese ball a go. If nachos are the name of the game, try these grilled sweet potato nachos or whip up a batch of spicy vegan butternut queso. Make sure you have plenty of chips or veggies for dipping! Chocolate Treats If you’re craving something sweet, don’t feel like you have to go off-diet to get it! These Mexican hot chocolate truffles are perfectly bite-sized and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. Trying to keep things vegan and gluten-free? These black bean brownies are sure to hit the spot. If carbs aren’t a problem, these cinnamon churro cupcakes will satisfy your sweet tooth. Otherwise, give this rich, dairy-free Mexican chocolate mousse a try. Cinnamon Churro Cupcakes Looking for a simple snack to satisfy your cravings for crunch? Try our flavored tortilla chips or our thin and crispy tortilla chips. You can even pair them with mild or medium salsa.

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