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I am one of those rare people who honestly, genuinely likes to throw a party. I love seeing people in my space. I have moved three times in the last five years and nothing makes me happier than messing up every single one of my plates and glasses. My partner may not feel exactly the same way, but that’s what dishwashers are for, honey. There is something about a theme party that just works. It breaks the ice if you are inviting people whose only commonality is you. It even encourages better conversation than "What do you do?" because it’s hard to stay stoic and focused on work when you are wearing a costume or drowning yourself in hot chocolate. If you need some party ideas for the upcoming rush of holidays, here are some good ones. If you want the guest list to be large, invite them during a week where there are no holidays. If you are stressed out even considering a large gathering, don’t worry, your friends like you just the way you are.

Theme Party Ideas

  • Pajama party. The reason most people decline party invitations is because they would rather spend quality time on their couch, remote in hand with their most comfy lounge-wear. If you structure a party around pajamas (I have hosted a pajama brunch!) you may see the friends who usually declare they are always too busy. Guess what...they aren’t too busy. They just didn’t want to put on pants.
  • TV viewing party. Why not do what you already do together? Whether this is a big event like the Superbowl or just a finale viewing party, it is always a good time to get together your friends, a big bowl of popcorn, and some couch time.
  • Season changes. Why not have a party to celebrate the change of season? (And yes, even winter). Fall can be a pumpkin spice fest with apple cider, pumpkins galore, and plaid in all forms. Winter can be a frozen paradise with roaring fireplaces (or candles), cozy sweaters, toques, and a DIY hot chocolate bar.
  • Blast from the past. Revisit your favourite decade with a curated playlist (thank you, Spotify), clothing to match, and maybe even treats from that decade that are still in circulation. I’m thinking of Fruit Gushers and Trix, but maybe that's just my highly sugared childhood speaking.
  • Black and white. This is easy to do and can be so elegant. You can ask everyone to wear black and white (not a big ask for almost anyone’s closet), play black and white movies, and even serve Oreo cookies for dessert.
  • Spa party. At home spa treatments, plush bathrobes, and if your budget allows for it, maybe even hire a manicurist. This one will be a hit with your girlfriends who haven’t taken time for themselves in a long while.
  • A kid's birthday party (for adults). Yes, we have all grown up, but try to deny that you would love an afternoon of trampolining, eating pizza, and knocking the heck out of a piñata. You can’t. You just can’t.
  • Tea party. You can Alice In Wonderland this party, or get fancy and request a dress code of floral dresses and giant hats. Serve tea, finger sandwiches with cucumber, and desserts that can be eaten in two bites (which only means you can have more dessert). Bonus: this one can be really economical, since it can be in the afternoon and easily alcohol free.
Tea party setup in pink and white
  • Anniversary party. My friends did this recently for their 10-year anniversary – they threw a party complete with living room dancing on a Wednesday night. Yes, anniversaries can be super fun "a deux," but having your nearest and dearest can feel almost like your wedding. Without the speeches.
  • Prom night. Wear your ugliest prom/bridesmaid dresses, play the classics from the era in which you prom-ed (I’m going to call that a word), and slow dance with your best friends. A disco ball may be a necessity. Luckily Amazon sells them for cheap.
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