7 Fun & Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

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Summer vacation is in full swing, and we're soaking up as much outdoor play time as possible. Parks, beaches, our backyard, patio and front yard have turned into canvases for my children's play and imagination. I absolutely love being able to give them a slew of sidewalk chalk or paint, and see them create whatever they'd like. Just yesterday, while I was nursing the baby, the house got extra quiet. I came out to find an impromptu fort with my kids and their friends, giggling and playing underneath. Summer really is the essence of what childhood memories are made of. Lately, our front lawn has become a communal gathering spot. It's become a place to create, play, imagine and actualize. As the kids have been frequenting our front lawn more, I have been taking prompts outside and watching their fun unfold. These simple outdoor activities have been a source of so much enjoyment, laughter, and joy! Below is a list of our favorite simple outdoor kids activities that we have enjoyed again and again:

Hand reaching to grab some purple water balloons

1. Water balloon T-Ball/ Baseball.

Depending on your child's ability level, grab either your t-ball set or just a baseball bat. Pre-fill a bunch of water balloons. Put them in a laundry basket or plastic tub. Head to the park and invite friends to play!

2. Chalk obstacle course.

All you need is chalk and some vision. For literate children, write out an array of gross motor movements in a sequence, like you would hop scotch. For instance: jump like a bunny x 3, hold tree pose on one side, walk on your hands and feet, jump on one foot, hold tree pose on the other side, jump on the opposite foot, twirl x 2, jump up and try touch the sky x 4.

3. Hula hoop race & catch.

This is such a simple activity for kids and it's SO fun. You will need multiple hula hoops. Head to an area with lots of green space, and have the children line up. Holding the hula hoops vertically, roll them with as much force as you can along the ground. Call out each child's name and have them run after the hoop to catch it. Every time they bring back a hoop, throw another one! This is amazing hand-eye coordination practice. Dad and son throwing football to each other

4. Sensory scavenger hunt.

Collect items you're sure to find around the park (wood chips, dandelions, leaves, pebbles), affix them to a piece of paper using tape, and have your children look for those items!

5. Toy-made obstacle course.

Grab hula hoops, a toy tunnel, cones, pylons, and anything else you can think of. Encourage your children to organize the obstacle course in a fun and challenging way.

6. Kitchen utensil bubble wands.

Go through a kitchen drawer and collect slotted spoons, fly swatters, spatulas, and anything else that has holes to make bubbles. Make your own bubble solution and then head out to see which utensil creates the best bubbles!

7. "Bake" mud pies and muffins.

All you need are some utensils, pans, and imagination. Even more outdoor activities for kids:

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