20 Awesome Activities for Kids to Learn About Forests

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Nature provides such wonderful opportunities for learning. When children gain knowledge about a topic, they are given the chance to develop emotional connections. Learning about forests helps deepen a connection about something very important, trees! These activities for kids with a forest theme will help kids understand the different types of forests around the world, and why we should show care and concern for these great green spaces around our planet.

Activities for Kids to Learn About Forests

Forests are one of the most common and important ecosystems on Earth. The trees help produce oxygen that all living things need, they provide homes for many animals, and they aid in keeping the air we breathe clean. These can all be taught through hands-on learning with these fun activities for kids!

Forest Science Activities

Looking For Bugs

Forest-Themed Arts & Crafts

forest crafts

Experiential Forest Learning Activities

Father and son resting in woods
  • Visit a national park or a public forest and note the different types of trees.
  • Check out an environmental center to learn more about the trees and forest-dwelling species in your area.
  • Join the Junior Rangers program.
  • Check out some books from the library about the forest, here is a great list for young kids.
  • Attend a local free forest school class with your kids. Related: What are Forest Schools?
  • Head out on a scavenger hunt to see just how many things you can find in the forest.
  • Get to know some common animal tracks (here is a great resource) and go out on a trek to identify some!
All of these activities for kids about the forest will help kids develop a love for nature. Caring for our trees and forests throughout the world is important for a number of reasons, and helping our kids learn and understand what the forests provide is a great first step.

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