20 Activities for Kids to Do During Earth Month

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Earth Day is often celebrated among families and with kids. It is a wonderful day to celebrate the Earth and maybe plant a new tree or start up a recycling project as activities for kids. In taking the entire month of April however and celebrating Earth Month rather than just Earth Day, we can provide kids with many rich opportunities for learning more about the Earth and celebrating the people, environments and wildlife that make our planet unique.

Earth Month is a time for celebration as well as reflection. Are we leaving the planet better for our own children? Do we consciously make good decisions about the way we travel or live sustainably? Are we teaching these things to our kids? Below is a list of kids activities that will help our children celebrate our planet, make good choices about the way they live and learn about all that makes our planet truly unique and special.

1. How Plants Grow

Plant seeds indoors and take a close look at just how plants work, and what they need to grow. Bonus, transfer these to an outdoor garden to cultivate all summer long! Father and son watering flowers

2. Recyled Paper

Make recycled paper to use at home.

3. Repurpose Old Crayons and Markers

Rather than throwing away old crayons and markers, turn the dried up markers into liquid watercolors, and the old broken crayons into candles!

4. Bird Watching at Home

Little birds at a bird house Place a bird feeder outside and observe the different birds (and maybe other creatures!) that like to eat from it. Older children can even journal about and draw the birds.

5. Earth Day Video

Learn about the very first Earth Day in this quick video.

6. Activity Sheets

Print off and complete this simple word search.

7. Earth Day Reading List

student reading a book in school library Head to the library and grab a handful of books to read throughout the month. Here is a great list to get you started.

8. Learn about Animals

Learn about some of these endangered or vulnerable species.

9. Suncatcher

Make a suncatcher to proudly display in your window all month long - here are some that celebrate the Earth and are made out of recycled plastic.

10. Crafts

Girl paints patterns of dry autumn leaves Make leaf prints!

11. Earth Day Pledge

Make a pledge to take care of the Earth. Older kids can write this out on a piece of paper to display in the house, and younger kids can simply make a word bubble to display.

12. Repurpose Household Items

Before throwing household items into the recycling bin, paint with them first!

13. Science Project

kid doing science project outdoors Learn about the effects of pollution with this science project at home.

14. Songs and Poems

Learn some poems and songs about the Earth.

15. Adopt A Piece of Our Planet

Visit NASA’s “Adopt the Planet” site and receive a certificate for your adopted location complete with information of the environment, air quality, and vegetation.

16. Observe Animals

Girls looking at the fish in an aquarium

Visit a local zoo or aquarium.

17. Household Item to Garden Tool

Reuse a milk jug as a watering can for your garden.

18. Recycling

Pick a few games from this list to celebrate nature or practice recycling through fun!

19. Activities in Nature

boy and his family hiking in forest Go on a hike. Print off a fun scavenger hunt to make an extra note of what you might see.

20. Composting

Make a compost pile in your backyard by designating an area for kitchen scraps like apple cores and carrot peels. Whichever of these activities for kids you choose to complete throughout the Earth Month, you will be setting a great example and opening up a discussion about ways we can care for and appreciate our planet. This will help foster a mindset that will stick with your kids throughout their lives, leaving the world a better place for all of us to live in.

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