15 Vegetarian Nacho Recipe Ideas From Our Fans

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We're pretty serious about our nachos. In addition to having a good base (Que Pasa chips, of course), you need to think carefully about your selection of toppings. Our Instagram page is filled with photos of creative vegetarian nachos, so we thought we'd share some of our favorites!

Here are 15 nacho recipe ideas from our Que Pasa fans:

These nachos contain an insane amount of toppings, and we're living for it.

Skyr yogurt is the dip of choice for these crispy nachos.

If you want to stay away from cheese, try massaged arugula with avocado oil!

Have you ever tried fruit on your nachos? These are topped with mango.

Sweet or savory? Now you don't have to choose - get creative with your nachos and make 'em both!

Try a cheesy sauce drizzled on top of your nacho stack. The best part? This sauce is made from vegetables.

Now this is a spicy bite! Recreate this recipe with jalapeno peppers and Que Pasa Salsa (if you dare).

Can one ever have enough cheese? We're still debating on that one, but in the meantime we'll be snacking on some cheesy nachos.

If you're looking for a light snack, these nachos are for you. Black beans, avocado, cheese, and Thin and Crispy Chips should do the trick!

Go full-on vegan by topping your nachos with dairy-free cheese, tofu, and fresh veggies.

Homemade pico de gallo is a great topping (and dip!) for a crispy batch of nachos.

Avocado, green onion, and cilantro are quite the refreshing trio in this tasty tray of nachos.

These fully loaded vegetarian nachos are topped with Tex-Mex tofu crumble and a variety of fresh veggies. Snack away, guilt-free!

Taste the rainbow with this super colorful plate of nachos and Que Pasa Medium Salsa, for dipping.

One of the most important nacho rules we'll leave you with: a great dip is absolutely necessary. This guacamole looks delicious!

How do you dress up your nachos?

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