10 Fun Ways to Celebrate (Outside) with Dad on Father's Day

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It's the month of dads! There are so many ways you can get outside as a family to celebrate. From homemade gifts, to tools, ties and socks, there are plenty of things to give dad. Here are some ways you can celebrate and spend time with him, making memories that last a lifetime, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

"Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature." – Richard Ryan

1. Go on a Picnic

Think about some of dad's favorite foods. How can you take them outside? Can you cook them on the grill? Have your kids find a blanket in dad's favorite color and choose some themed cups and plates that he would love. Adding some special little touches like this will show the thought that went into planning the celebration.

2. Go for a Hike

A fun family hike is a great way to get outside with dad! Make some homemade binoculars from cardboard tubes and grab a journal to take field notes of what you spot while out. Print and add photos to your journal, this will double as a fun keepsake from your special day.

3. Go to a Sporting Event

Find a baseball game and treat dad to some stadium snacks.

4. Hit the Driving Range

Dads love to teach their kids how to do just about anything. Give them the opportunity to show your little ones how to swing a club and enjoy the fresh air.

5. Go for a Family Bike Ride

Go for a ride in a local park, or hit up a bike rental in a nearby city and explore some new destinations.

6. Find a 'Pick Your Own' Farm

Picking your own fruits or vegetables is fantastic fun for everyone. In the spring and early summer, a lot of local farms will have opportunities to pick your own. Have your kids draw a picture of your family picking fruit when you're done, it will double as an excellent homemade gift!

7. Camp in the Backyard

Backyard camping can be just as fun as the real deal, and a perfect way to get outside while encouraging a bit of creativity. Make a campfire, roast s'mores, play some card games, or make a pretend fishing hole.

8. Have a Backyard Field Day

Have a relay race, play some wiffle ball or create a water balloon toss all in your own backyard with the family!

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate (Outside) with Dad on Father's Day

9. Head to a National Park

Explore a nearby national park and take advantage of what is has to offer!'

10. Do Some Yard Work

Helping dad outside with some of his outdoor 'chores' is a great gift for dad while getting some Vitamin D. Pull some weeds, help with the garden, or clean up the backyard.

There are so many ways to get outside and celebrate with dad. Make a homemade card with the kids and spend the day under the sun!

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