10+ Beautiful Nature Crafts for Kids

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Spring has hit here and we have already started enjoying some wonderful nature crafts for kids. The only thing is it doesn't look spring by conventional standards. I'm used to verdant green grass. The beginning of February, the crocuses blooming let us know it's time to pack up our winter gear. By now, soft pink cherry blossoms sprinkle walks through downtown. Where I currently live, spring is instead marked by snow runoff. Brown almost dead grass is a beautiful sight as we see less and less dirty salt stained snow. Before living in a city with 'real' winter, I had no idea that there are months where you can stand outside and smell nothing. Now, as the snow melts away, we can smell the earth and trees again. Perspective is an amazing thing though, isn't it? It's barely above freezing. Frankly, outside doesn't look all that great. And yet, we're rejoicing! Our bikes are out, I brought up the street chalk and t-ball from the basement, and we've already had a picnic in the park. The other day at the park, my son scooped up sticks to paint. He uses them as magic wands or swords when he's playing with his toys. It got me thinking of some of our favourite nature crafts for kids. Check them out below!

Countless Beautiful Nature Crafts for Kids

Flower Suncatchers

dried, pressed flowers craft
What You Need:
  • Scissors
  • Clear contact paper (can be found on Amazon, dollar stores, or other retailers)
  • Pressed and dried flowers (put them into a book and leave them for a week or longer)
  • Hole punch
  • String
What To Do:
  1. Remove the back of the contact paper and encourage your child to decorate with flowers however he or she would like.
  2. Then, place a second piece of contact paper on the contact paper with flowers.
  3. Option to cut around the design and discard the excess paper.
  4. Put a hole punch at the top and put string through it.
  5. Then, hang it up in front of a window and enjoy!

Magic Wands

What You Need:
  • Sticks from outside, cleaned
  • Tempera paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Mod Podge or another sealant
What To Do:
  1. Paint the sticks.
  2. Let them dry.
  3. Cover with sealant (otherwise the paint will peel off of the stick).

Sensory Bottles

Sensory Bottle Terrarium
What You Need:
  • Clear bottle - plastic is ideal for younger children
  • Water or mineral oil
  • Leaves, flowers, small pinecones, acorns, and/or pine needles
What To Do:
  1. Put the natural items into the bottle. If they're difficult to get inside, the back of a wooden spoon works well.
  2. Fill with water or mineral water.
  3. Close the lid as tight as possible.

Nature Paint Brushes

What You Need:
  • Different needles from pine trees, seeds from maple trees, grass or similar
  • Sticks
  • Hot glue gun (with adult supervision)
  • String
What To Do:
Find all the instructions here.

More Great Nature Crafts For Kids:

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