Your Go-To List of Resources for Regenerative Organic Agriculture

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The future of our planet depends on the future of farming: regenerative organic certified agriculture. We already have a primer on what regenerative organic is, what it means for climate change, and how Nature’s Path is a part of the movement, so check it out if you’re looking to learn more. But there’s more to the Regenerative Organic movement than us, and we want to share other institutions, partners, and businesses we admire who are doing their part by choosing regenerative organic practices. Learn more about the Regenerative Organic Certification and what it means to pursue regenerative organic, with these resources: The Regenerative Organic Alliance This is the organization that evaluates and certifies farms that apply for a Regenerative Organic Certification. They’re the real deal, and they’re the first place you should go if you’ve got a question about the certification. The Rodale Institute Robert Rodale was the one to coin the term “regenerative organic.” Get a bit of history around the term and see how the Rodale Institute is growing the organic movement through research, farmer training, and consumer education. Dr. Bronner’s For decades, Dr. Bronner’s has focused on creating sustainable, ethically made soaps and personal care products. We’re thrilled to have them as a regenerative organic ally—check out the link above to learn how they’re committed to regenerative organic practices. Patagonia This one needs little introduction. Patagonia—like Nature’s Path, Dr. Bronner’s, and other allies—is part of the Regenerative Organic Alliance and has been a long-time champion of protecting the Earth. Here’s their Patagonia Provisions announcement unveiling their part in the Regenerative Organic Certification process. Do you have any recommended links to add to our resource list? Pop them in the comments below—we’d love to see them!

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