Snacks Your Kids will Love this Year

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Let’s not beat around the bush here: kids are picky eaters. Many parents end up disguising vegetables in some sort of carrier to get kids excited for their meal. Or they find new and creative ways to get them to pick up a fork - for anything but cake. And even if a parent does find a way to convince kids that broccoli is delicious (which it is – they just haven’t realized it yet), they may love it for a week and despise it the next. Luckily, with every generation, there are certain snacks kids will go crazy for, meaning parents can breathe a sigh of relief that there’s something kids will willingly put in their mouths. And bonus: a study shows millennials are constantly in search of the healthiest, most sustainable option, which means by default, kids are too. Children are less likely to choose options full of artificial colours and flavours than before, and companies are catering to that. So with all that in mind, here are some snacks kids will love this coming year: 7 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Love Eating Veggies | Nature's Path

Snacks on the Go

Like many of their millennial parents, kids are always on the go and they're snacking more than ever. Snacks packaged in squeeze tubes or utensil-free packages have been a huge hit for young ones who just want to fill their bellies and get going. Some of the most popular are yogurt and fruit snacks – which pack a mix of fruit and even vegetables like squash and broccoli. Thankfully there are easy alternatives to making these at home with smoothies and yogurt dots. Try these kid-friendly green smoothies at home.

Fruit Snacks

It’s no surprise that if given the choice, kids often opt for sweet over savory. While too much of it is not be ideal, fruit snacks are a great combination of a treat and a vitamin source. The less processed the better, of course, so we've got a few options of how to go about it, like fruit bark you can make yourself or these cute Jolly Jellyfish Snacks. Jolly Jellyfish Snack for Kids

Healthy Cookies

What kid doesn’t love cookies? There have been quite a few variants of breakfast biscuits on the market as of late that combine the nutrients kids need with the sweetness of a good cookie. They range from vegan no-bake almond butter cookies to cranberry-orange-nut, to even sweet potato oatmeal raisin cookies.

Cheese Crackers

Who can forget about Goldfish crackers? This snack was popular for us as kids and still is today - particularly for my nephew who can't get enough of them. These are great to hold kids over or to top up their mid-day meal. But if you’re not into buying the usual processed kind at the supermarket, there’s easy vegan ways of making your own. Vegan Gluten Free Goldfish Crackers - Envirokidz

What snacks are your kids obsessed with?

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