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It’s not only about mariachi when it comes to Mexican melodies. We also enjoy world famous icons, like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar, and a little bit of rock ballads, and other sorts of traditional music.
But let’s say you’re getting ready to throw a Mexican themed party. Aside from the decorations, food, and party supplies, you'll need something else to get the party and conversation started. A key factor to set the right mood is through music, and luckily there’s a huge variety to choose from.
If you want to get on grandma’s good side, play a little bolero. Even though it’s not from Mexico, it plays an important role in all Latin American culture.
This slow-tempo music combines plenty of guitar with up to three beautifully harmonized voices, to evoke love and romance. It could warm up even the coldest of hearts.
This genre has long accompanied South American countries. You’ll find it in the most remotes areas and tiny villages all over.
The style is going through a revival, and a key factor for this is one of the most iconic Cumbia bands, Los Ángeles Azules. Even though the band formed back in the eighties, they re-recorded some of their greatest hits in 2013, alongside guest appearances from some of the most popular singers in today's Mexican music scene.
Young people listening to a concert of a muscian outdoor in the city


Back in the '90’s the charts were completely dominated by rock. The numerous bands combined different musical styles, ranging from Ranchera to metal, soft pop, and even boleros. Even though most albums were completely forbidden for most teenagers, due to the strong language, they also brought up some subjects that are still valid today, like immigration, corruption, and abuse of power. But they never forgot about the subject most written and sang about: love.
New school
Bands like Los Lobos, La Santa Cecilia, and Las Mariachis, that have a strong Hispanic or Chicano background, combine classic tunes with mariachi, bolero, and even rock & roll. They turn them into new melodies both in English and Spanish - thereby honouring their Latin roots. Play their records and you’ll have Mexicans turning heads when they realize they’re listening to new versions of old songs. You'll have them reminiscing about the good old times.
Santa Cecilia - Como Dios manda
Ranchero & Mariachi
And last but not least, the king of Mexican music: Ranchero. This style is basically coded into every single Mexican DNA. Even if we don’t feel like we know the lyrics, as soon as a song starts, we almost immediately burst into singing. Moreover, throw in a few drinks and you’ll get yourself a personal mariachi.
José Alfredo Jiménez - El Rey
Group of friends are celebrating with a concert on the roof terrace

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