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It’s that time of year again where we are able to pause and reflect on new ways of doing things in the new year. While over the last month we’ve likely set some resolutions for ourselves, now is also a great time to think of our general family health habits and how we can establish positive intentions for the year ahead.


  • Start with some loose categories that you would like to set goals in. An example would be grouping them into physical health, nutritional health, mental/emotional health. These can be addressed either by individual family member or for the family at large.
  • Establish a framework of the categories you want to concentrate on prior to holding a family meeting this can help lead to a more successful and focused discussion.


  • Get your kids in involved! Bring out your eraser board or chalkboard and have a family brainstorm of all the things they may want to do. You’d be surprised at how even the youngest family members can contribute ideas that may stick. Our four and six year old both love to share their thoughts!
  • Invite them to think of activities you’ve all had fun doing and other activities you want to try. Some categories to consider are sports, mealtime, cooking or baking, creative activities, sustainability, quiet time, morning/bedtime, afterschool time, and weekends to help get you going.


  • Challenge yourself and your brood to try something new. Whether its new sports, foods, recipes, or joining a community initiative. For example, Meatless Mondays or Veganuary are great examples of ways to increase your physical health, try new foods, and contribute sustainably to our planet’s environment. There are additionally a number of healthy children’s activities and recipes to choose from on our website!
  • You can also think of what has worked well for your family in the past and build on that. You can increase activity time or independence levels and also add to a healthy habit that’s already been established. For example, if your child likes running, find a children’s running group or community race. If they like helping you in the kitchen, introduce them to new recipes or a cooking or baking show. If they are curious nature learners, consider starting an at home garden.


  • Choose a location to post your plan in your home that is visible to all. The kitchen, family room, and playroom are great spots!
  • Visually seeing your plan helps remind you and the rest of your family of your goals.
  • Adding a family photo board of good times together nearby can help motivate you all to stick to your goals.
Working together on this plan with your family can be a great way to bond. See what works and what doesn’t and reimagine the list as the year progresses. You can start big or small, but the main goal is to choose something that seems attainable and focus on one week at a time. Have a fun and healthy year ahead!

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Dr. Rimjhim Duggal Stephens is a champion of all things health-related. With her medical training, her interest in healing through food, and her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge, she untangles the often-confusing realm of nutrition as the Nature’s Path wellness guide. Rimjhim is also the co-creator of Love Crunch along with her husband Arjan Stephens, Nature’s Path’s President. Tune in for her relevant and useful tips for health and happiness and stay for her compassionate approach to healthy eating.

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