A Path to Powerful Change: Organic Research, Education, and Advocacy

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This year marks a decade of support from Nature’s Path Organic Foods for the work at Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF). OFRF’s work transcends borders, cultivating an organic revolution rooted in research, education, and advocacy. It's a conduit for farmers' stories, a facilitator of researcher-farmer connectivity, and a source of practical resources. We’re excited to share some of work we’ve supported over the past year.

This year OFRF funded research projects nationwide that help farmers fight and adapt to climate change. Travis Parker in California is exploring resilient and dependable pulse crops for organic rotations in arid regions.

In Georgia, Christiana Huss is taking on the yellow-margined leaf beetle, an invasive pest that threatens the organic production of leafy brassicas across the Southeast. And Axel Garcia y Garcia is working on affordable methods to include cover crops into long-season cash crops - a challenge for Upper Midwest farmers.

Our education programs directly respond to organic farmers' needs, empowering them with actionable, science-backed solutions to their challenges. This year we released our soil health course in Spanish, Los Fundamentos de la Salud del Suelo. In addition to these valuable resources, we also helped to produce several webinars on conservation agriculture, organic beekeeping, and more. We released a series of farmer stories and researcher interviews to help create more avenues for people to learn about organic agriculture. As always, all these resources are free on our website.

Both programs inform and enrich our policy work in Washington. OFRF has worked with Members of Congress to craft and introduce two marker bills, the Organic Science and Research Investment (OSRI) and the Strengthening Organic Agriculture Research (SOAR) Acts.

This summer, those bills were formally introduced, and we are actively working to ensure broad support for these two historic bills. Our team lets legislators know about the opportunity to support these vital programs by spreading awareness through our advocacy toolkits and uplifting stories related to organic agriculture and the importance of research.

Donate by December 31st to double your impact through Nature’s Path Organic Foods!

As we look to 2024, we envision a world where organic farming is not just an alternative but a mainstream, a world where our soils are healthy, our food is clean, and farmers thrive sustainably; this is where you come in.


Donate by December 31st to double the impact of your donation. From now until the end of the year, Nature’s Path Organic Foods has offered a generous match for up to $15,000 in donations. Visit OFRF’s website to learn more and donate to this great cause!

As a supporter, your donation bridges the gap between research, education, and the policy changes necessary to cultivate a greener future. Together, we can nurture the seeds of change and witness the transformative power of organic farming.

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