9 Creative Recipe Ideas From Our Que Pasa Fans

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Ever feel like you're in a recipe slump, eating the same meals each week? We feel you. While we share many of our own recipes, we're blown away by the creativity of our fans on Instagram with their recipe ideas. Pickled artichoke dip, crusted tofu strips with salsa, corn chip muffins ... we've seen it all!

Here are 9 of our favorite creative recipe ideas from our Que Pasa fans:


These baked zucchini fries are coated with a tortilla chip crust and served up with creamy guacamole. Yum!


Salsa and avocado toast is something we can get behind - for a smokier taste, try topping your toast with our Chipotle Salsa.


This recipe takes creativity to the next level! Chocolate wafers are mixed in with chili pepper flakes, dried cherries, and our Red Corn Tortilla Chips, forming a delicious (and spicy!) dessert.


Ever tried making your nachos on the barbecue? Neither have we, but we're definitely going to give it a shot after seeing this!


These super cute hors d'oeuvres are made with a tortilla chip base and topped with vegan cashew milk cream cheese along with some colorful fruits and veggies.


Our Thin and Crispy Chips serve as a great replacement for corn meal. These corn chip muffins contain a little twist of lime and a whole lot of flavor!


Who doesn't love pizza? Our Medium Salsa doubles as a base for this creation topped with pinto beans, zucchini, corn, shredded cheese, avocado, and green cabbage.


These sweet potato fries are lightly seasoned for dipping with one of our salsas. The perfect side dish!


Our Yellow Tortilla Chips are crumbled on top of these adorable mac and cheese cups for some extra crunch. We'll take all 12, please!

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