7 Simple Pantry Swaps for Organic Food

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With the weather cooling down we start to migrate back inside, and hopefully back to cooking in our kitchens. We love fresh, vibrant organic greens (and of course, a few tasty organic treats), but what about those everyday, standby ingredients hiding in your pantry? It's the perfect time to take stock of your cupboards and pantry shelves and make a few strategic organic food swaps. Switching outdated, refined, and non-organic ingredients for their organic counterparts is a fantastic way to make organic food a part of every meal.

1. Refined White Flour

Try organic whole wheat flour to bring your baking a little closer to nature. If you’re feeling adventurous, look into the wealth of gluten free flours available, from protein-packed nut flours to high-fibre brown rice flour. These are easily substituted for white flour in all sorts of dishes, from crumbles to cakes. Organic oats are wonderful and versatile ingredients to have on hand for baking.

2. White Sugar

Replace your white sugar with healthier organic alternatives, like coconut sugar. Honey and maple syrup are other delicious natural sweeteners. Above all, steer clear of artificial sweeteners!

3. Peanut Butter

Lots of peanut butters have added sugar or oils made from GMO ingredients. For a healthier take, try organic peanut butter, organic almond butter, or organic sunflower seed butter (especially great for parents worried about peanut allergies). It's best to look for products that have the nut as its only ingredient.

4. Table Salt

Trade this highly processed staple for coarse sea salt. Because salt isn’t an agricultural product, it can’t be certified organic, but you should still seek quality salt. For extra flavour, chop fresh or dried herbs, mix with sea salt, and serve – guaranteed to impress your guests.

5. Vegetable Oil

Unless it’s organic, chances are it’s from GMO soybeans or canola. Instead, try organic olive oil or coconut oil – healthy, delicious alternatives.

6. Artificial Flavours

Swap these for fragrant dried spices like real cinnamon, nutmeg, tumeric and more. Organic spices will add flavour and depth to your dishes better than any artificial vanilla extract.

7. Sugary Snacks

Instead, keep organic nuts and seeds at hand. We love to whip up a Qi’a Superfood Cereal pudding, or have a handful of organic almonds to munch on. Your kitchen may not turn 100% organic overnight, but these small swaps will have a big impact come mealtime. This year, all signs point to healthy delicious food taking top spot on your plate!

Are you on the path to eating more healthy delicious food?

(How does a total kitchen refresh sound?)

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