7 Camping Activities for Kids

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Camping with kids is quite the task. It requires a watchful eye, a bit more preparation, and some adaptability, but can be an incredible experience for all. What better way to bond and connect with nature than with an outdoor experience such as this! Here are some activities for kids that you can do or take with you to create the ultimate camping trip.

Camping Together as a Family

1. Go on a scavenger hunt.

Create and print a nature treasure hunt sheet and glue it to a brown paper sack. Make a few different ones to take with you on your trip - they are great for keeping little ones busy. Kids can hunt for and collect treasures, then store them right inside the bag. (These items are great for making collages, too!)

2. Keep a journal.

Older kids can create a camping journal with space for writing and drawing about their adventures. Scrapbooking stickers can make for really fun additions.

3. Go on a hike.

Find a trail with nicely marked paths and an easy terrain to navigate, and go explore! A hike is the perfect time to whip out the scavenger hunt and look for goodies. Here are some really fun trail games, from hide and seek to Trail Bingo!

4. Make special campfire treats.

Think beyond the traditional graham cracker, chocolate square and marshmallow s’more. How many creative spins can you put on one? Set up a s’more bar outside and light the campfire. Kids will love this!

5. Study the stars and constellations.

Camping activities for kids can be even more fun in the dark! Take advantage of the opportunity to discuss the night sky. For younger children, simply looking at the stars and the differences in their size and color can be exciting. For older children, bring some simple books or flashcards about constellations and identify as many as you can.

6. Test some campsite cooking.

Did you know you can make muffins inside an orange? Or tea heated by the sun? These recipes are fun to make when camping with kids, and they almost act like mini science experiments.

7. Play some classic family games.

Plan to learn and play some new card games, host a game or charades, or set up a relay race. When the sun goes down, play a game of ring toss with glow in the dark necklaces, or set up a game of glow bowling.

These activities will help keep the kids busy and happy while enjoying the great outdoors. Pack up your gear and get outside! Camping with kids really can be fun.

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