13 Healthy Foods You Should Give to Your Local Food Bank

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Did you know that you have the power to fight hunger and give those in your community access to healthy, nutritious foods? The type of food you choose to donate can have a positive impact in another person's life. When you choose to give food that is nourishing, you're increasing someone's energy level and mood so that he or she can have a better quality of life. Here's our list of healthy donation ideas for your local food bank. Remember to always look for foods that are high in protein, whole grain, low sodium, and low sugar for the most nutritious impact. Organic food is a bonus, too!

1. Canned Beans & Legumes

Beans and legumes are so versatile! One can eat them as is, or transform them into delicious hummus or falafel. They're also filling because they're packed with protein, fiber and complex carbs.

2. 100 per cent Nut Butters

The best type of nut butters should only have one ingredient. Try almond butter, sunflower butter, or good ol' peanut butter.

3. Whole Grain Pasta

Whole grain pastas can come in many shapes and sizes, so donate a variety!

4. Whole Grain Rice

Opt for brown rice, black rice, purple rice or wild rice!

5. Canned Vegetables

There's more to canned veggies than corn and peas. Try canned beets or asparagus - canned pumpkin is also a great fall choice that is not only festive, but adds protein and fiber to any dish.

6. Canned Fruit

Choose canned fruit packed in its own juice or water. Pureed fruits is another good option, too.

7. Low Sodium Soups, Stews & Broths

Soups are a great way to use kitchen leftovers while enjoying a warm, hearty meal.

8. Whole Grain Breakfast Cereals

Lucky for you, we have a delicous selection of whole grain cereals! Switch it up by donating gluten free options, too.

9. Whole Grain Oatmeal

Oatmeal is easy to cook and can be enjoyed sweet or savory. Donate some boxes of packets to give busy individuals a grab-n-go option.

10. Assorted Nuts

Choose assorted or mixed nuts with no salt or sugar added.

11. Shelf-Stable Plant-Based Milk

Choosing a plant-based milk in shelf-stable packaging ensures the product's longevity.

12. Low Sodium Chili

A hearty bowl of plant-based chili is a yummy and comforting meal for those busy days.

13. Rice Noodles

Donating rice noodles increases the amount of gluten free options available at the food bank.

Avoid Donating These Foods!

There are many other foods you can donate to the food bank, but here are a few that you should avoid giving:
  • Alcohol
  • Opened packages
  • Expired food
  • Homemade food
Lastly, donating cash is always a great way to give to the food bank. Cash donations allow the food bank to purchase fresh, organic produce to give to food bank consumers. Plus, food bank dollars can have a higher purchasing power than our own money, since they can receive wholesale prices from different suppliers.

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