10 Valentine's Day Activities to do with the Kids

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Valentine's Day is a really wonderful time to discuss friendship and love with kids. It is also a time to celebrate family, classmates, and friends. There are many fun activities for kids that can be done leading up to Valentine's Day to help them understand and make sense of the reasons for celebrating this fun holiday.

10 Valentine's Day Activities to do with the Kids

From reading books, crafting, and writing notes to family and friends, here are 10 fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day with kids.
  1. Read some books about Valentine's Day. There are some really wonderful children's books specifically about the holiday that you can read, or simply find books about friendship and love for discussing the topic.
  2. Make some homemade Valentine's Day decor. Heart crafting lends itself really well to festive wall decor that kids can make. Try some melted crayon hearts or marbled hearts to hang in the windows or as a bunting.
  3. Have a party with friends! Have just a few friends over to celebrate friendship. The kids can make heart-shaped treats and craft or color. Maybe set up a photo booth to capture the memories.
  4. Make Valentine treats for the birds. Celebrating love includes showing our care and concern for the animals too! There are so many homemade bird feeders that kids can make, but this heart shaped one is just perfect for Valentine's Day.
  5. Write letters to loved ones. If you are doing this with young children, they can dictate what they would like to say and then decorate the letter with stickers. Older children will be able to do this on their own, and will take great pride in doing so.
  6. Make Valentines for school friends. Pinterest is full on printable Valentines that kids can exchange with one another at school, and children love putting these together. For a nature-inspired idea, check out these seed paper valentines for kids!
  7. Paint and hide rocks. Kids can paint hearts on rocks and leave them around town to spread some love to neighbors.
  8. Make some heart-shaped treats. These chocolate dipped pear hearts would be perfect!
  9. Play a game! Draw a heart-shaped hopscotch in sidewalk chalk or hunt for hearts in nature to take your game outdoors.
  10. Plan to do some acts of kindness. Brainstorm how your family can spread love to those around you by participating in some random acts of kindness. This list includes 7 acts that are great for Valentine's Day.
These Valentine's Day activities are all great ways to celebrate. They celebrate the love that we have for family, friends, nature, and animals! Enjoy these fun ways to play with kids.

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