10 Activities for Kids to Help Build Confidence

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Confidence can come naturally to some kids, but for others, thinking positively and viewing themselves as strong and able, can be a difficult task. The words we use, and the mindset we instill in our children can help build self-esteem in kids. Here are some simple activities to try to build confidence in kids.

How to Help Build Their Confidence

These activities are simple, but effective for building confidence, which is vital to happiness and health. Research shows that confident children are better able to deal with responsibility, challenges, and frustrations. Make a list. Sit down with your child and together, brainstorm their strengths. Focusing on the positive can go a long way towards empowerment. Use positive affirmations. These words of encouragement can become rituals in your family that lead to positive self-talk over time. Simple phrases such as "you are loved" or "you are safe" can become second-nature. Goal plan. Set some attainable personal goals with your child and then help them set out to achieve them. Discuss what achieving them will entail, and encourage them along the way. Celebrate their progress. Play “That’s What I Like About You.” During dinner or a family meeting, go around the table saying one nice thing about each other. Set up an invitation to create. This can be as simple as gathering some recyclable materials and taping them on a tray. Invite your child to create whatever they like out of the materials. This ability to think creatively, make mistakes and produce something is a huge confidence booster. Given that there is no wrong answer here, kids feel empowered by this activity. Do a STEM challenge. Similar to an invitation to create, this activity challenges kids to think creatively and problem solve. It helps them work toward an end goal such as making something float, or building a nest. Practice yoga. Yoga helps kids practice mindfulness and reflection along with learning self-love. The exercise can also increase endorphins, and provide feelings of happiness and well-being. A group of young school children are indoors in their classroom. They are sitting on pillows and doing yoga together. They are stretching their arms out above their heads. Do an act of kindness. Acts of kindness such as helping a friend at school, or volunteering at a food bank, are incredibly important for kids. We feel good about ourselves when doing good for others. This one is a win-win all around. Collaborate on some artwork for the home. Displaying a child's artwork on the wall or refrigerator is a major confidence-booster for kids. Grab a canvas from the craft store and work on a piece of art for the home together! Play a cooperative board game. These games are meant to be played so the players work together against the board, rather than against one another. These are great for bonding and working together to achieve a goal. Raising confident and happy kids can sound daunting. But these activities can go far in helping kids develop self-esteem, and live happy and confident lives.

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